Our approach is based on bioclimatic principles and sustainable development within the client’s budget. We take advantage of the natural features around the building site, accessible technologies and traditional resources to encourage an authentic tropical living style.

Location and climate shape architecture and Guanacaste has one of the last dry forests in the world. Respecting that authentic landscape is key to preserve it. As locals do, we want to create a microclimate around the house with native plants that require little water and maintenance.

We encourage the use of technologies with quick return of investment that have a direct impact over health and economies like solar water heaters, LED lights, solar panels, high efficiency ACs among others.

I have preference for local and traditional materials such as concrete blocks, tin roof, ceramic tiles, wood, metal and glass. By doing so, local builders can keep participating and hopefully we can reduce the impact that a new project has in the environment.

Our office has over 12 years of experience in the Golden Coast- from Hacienda Pinilla to Potrero.

I graduated from Architecture School in Universidad de Costa Rica on 2003 and worked for several firms in San Jose, including Neo Architects, FCC Arquitectos and the Construction Department of Los Sueños Resort & Marina.

On 2006, I moved to Guanacaste and started my own business and found in Las Ventanas Estates a fertile ground for tropical contemporary architecture.